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Exit (also often referred to in German)

In general, the exit of the investor from a transaction or from an engagement. – In particular, the exit of the founder of a (stock) company from the company. – In respect of the central bank, the exit from a liquidity-providing monetary policy. – With regard to the European Monetary Union, the temporary or final exit of individual members. This was demanded in particular on the occasion of the Greek crisis in spring 2010 with regard to Germany – and by whom! – demanded. Accordingly, the Federal Republic should leave the euro zone as soon as possible and reintroduce the mark as its own monetary unit. However, this is contrasted by the fact that German private households, companies and banks held financial assets of other euro area members amounting to more than three trillion euros at the end of 2011; this corresponds to around one hundred and twenty percent of Germany’s gross domestic product. These assets would suffer a very considerable impairment in the event of Germany’s exit from the euro area. In addition, the mark would appreciate sharply; German exports would decline substantially; unemployment in Germany would be the result; and the common internal market of the EU would be replaced very quickly by closed national markets (closed national markets with tendency toward autarky). Exit should not be the goal, but care should be taken to adhere to the basic rules agreed in the European Treaties and especially in the Stability and Growth Pact. – See alignment automatism, fear, perverse, exit, bail-out, blame game, currency swing, European Monetary Union, fundamental error, ECB sin, flip, money multiplication, monetary union-internal, buy-sell clause, neuro, payback, Plan C, preclusive deadline, replacement capital, return ideology, solidarity, financial, TARGET abuse, contract compliance.

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