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Exit (giving up; cutting of business field; phasing out; exit)

The withdrawal from an engagement and, as a rule, also the liquidation of the corresponding assets, also called recess in older documents. – The abandonment of a business area at an institution. – At the central bank, the changeover of monetary policy from a phase of ample liquidity provision (quantitative easing) to normal market management, as after the financial crisis that followed the subprime crisis; also often referred to in German as phasing out. If this happens abruptly, it is referred to as a backflip. – The leaving of a monetary union by a member; also sometimes called exit in German. In the course of the return ideology, especially on the exit from the EMU by Germany – similar voices exist in Finland, the Netherlands and in Austria – said. – For Germany, such an exit would be devastating, despite claims to the contrary. The common European single market was breaking away in favor of many smaller national markets sealed off by tariffs and other import restrictions. German exports fell considerably, resulting in high unemployment. The standard of living in Germany fell considerably…. – See starvation, exit risk, disease management, neuro, Plan C, TARGET abuse.

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