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Power of the banks

The ability attributed to banks – to exert a decisive influence on the behavior of the economy and society (power over) and – to achieve this goal without having to submit to external resistance (power to). – Certainly, a bank as a lender is able to exert influence on the company dependent on its loans. However, this is usually done to the advantage of the bank’s depositor, by monitoring the economic use of the customer’s deposits. On the other hand, the idea that banks also have a special power over society, i.e. that there is a bankocracy that determines political life, is not true and belongs to the ideas of conspiracy theory. Almost three quarters of loans in Germany are granted by savings banks and cooperative banks that are largely independent of one another, and neither individually nor collectively have the goal of dominating society. – See bank bashing, elephant, white, financial capital, financial sodomite, money people, money psychology, high finance, misochrematie, oligocracy, regional money, shitstorm, veto power.

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