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Sleeping money (bedroom rent; billet compensation; residence fee; overnight fee; sleeping money; sleeper’s premium)

In former times, the payment (usually due weekly) for board and lodging to a lodger who took guests into his household; usually so-called “sleepers” (paying tenants, lodger), namely wandering journeymen who worked for a local master for a time and were also partially fed there, but did not spend the night with the master. – For the forced accommodation of soldiers in private households, formerly paid by the army administration compensation, also called quarter money. – A tax formerly levied by cities and towns on visitors – often only Jews – for each day of their stay. – Fee for overnight stays in youth hostels. – A charge levied on the campsite operator at some campsites. – Means of payment in the possession of private households, namely – in old currency, and here again in particular with regard to coins and notes denominated in German marks, or – as now valid money, which is not put to any interest-bearing use, but is accumulated and stored in the domestic sphere, also called mattress money. – Maliciously also said of the salary of employees in some – especially state – bureaux. – Maliciously said also of the seat money, which is entitled to members of a committee, and which a meeting serves primarily to a (half) slumber (doze). – From around 2005, also used to refer to the high severance pay received by executives after they led the company close to insolvency. – In the course of the subprime crisis, the term was used to refer to the high bonuses received by bank executives as a reward, as it were, for incurring billions in losses and excusing themselves by saying that they had not kept track of what was going on. – See bank scolding, bed money, bonus, money, easy money, handshake, golden, low performer, presence money, quarter money, salami tactics, service money, shitstorm, seat money, synagogue money, board money.

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