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Customer card (store card)

Card where the issuer is also the provider of the service. In Germany, they are issued mainly by department stores and can only be used there. As a rule, these cards offer special benefits, such as – a discount on all goods purchased (continuing discounts), – special shopping days for cardholders (exclusive shopping days) and – a number of other rewards that would benefit frequent shoppers, such as free parking space. The customer can also use the card to make non-cash purchases (without the use of cash) from the issuer – the retailer – up to a fixed amount in each case: the customer card thus also becomes a credit card; admittedly, according to consumer associations, the interest rate here is not infrequently twenty percent. With this high interest rate (prohibitive interest rate), the department store companies prevent the use of their card for
Credit purchases. – Customer card-based “bilateral systems” in the language of the supervisory authorities are not yet subject to approval and supervision. To date, there are no reliable data on the volume of business with customer cards. – See cobranded card, corporate credit card, cash card, interchange fee, card, multifunctional, card alliance, customer centricity, pay green initiative. – Cf. BaFin Annual Report 2002, p. 84.

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