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Blood money (expiation fine; tranfer payment to the blood court)

In the past – and in some Arab states to some extent still today – a payment that was to be made on a one-time or regular basis, especially – in the case of negligent bodily injury to the injured party or – in the case of homicide – for example, when a wall collapses and crushes a person – to the surviving dependents, also called expiation money, value money and man money. – Amount to be paid when a criminal is handed over to the blood court (tribunal on life and death). – Reward for the person whose testimony leads to the apprehension and trial of a criminal, also known in German as Judaslohn. This term derives from the disciple Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus to the high priests and received thirty silver coins as a reward. – Accumulated wealth acquired by killing people. – In a broad sense, ill-gotten income at the expense of others. – See agiotage, money sucker, danism, sin money, overcharge, usury, usury challenge.

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