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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Merk, Dipl.rer.pol., Dipl.rer.oec.

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In general, a process that provides an economic unit (company, private household, state) with purchasing power, i.e. the power to acquire goods. – In a narrower sense, the use of money by a company to achieve desired goals, such as the establishment of a company, takeovers, acquisitions, entry into new branches of production or entry into foreign markets. – In a very narrow sense, the provision of money for the purpose of establishing, improving, or expanding production facilities. – See bond ratio, bank financing, burn rate, club deal, corporate finance, loan, third-phase financing, family-and-friends capital, financial leasing, financing rule, golden, financial market, financial planning, corporate bank, incubator, investment, credit, leveraging, private equity financing, leasing, Qard al-Hasan, seed capital, self-financing, sweat equity, growth meaning, interest burden ratio. – ECB Monthly Bulletin of September 2008, pp. 58 ff. (Internal financing of corporations since 2003; overviews), ECB Monthly Bulletin of October 2011, pp. 81 ff. (Internationalization of financing).

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