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Demonetization and demonetization (demonetization; reduction of coin; abolition of money)

Formerly said of the loss of value of a coin, measured by its exchange ratio to other domestic or foreign means of payment. – The abandonment of validity, the extinction of a coin’s or currency’s status as a means of payment (a coin or currency is no longer legal tender; such several European currencies were demonetised and replaced by the EUR in 2002). – The abolition of money without exception, usually connected with it the “just” exchange goods against goods, worried and regulated by noble-minded, completely selfless officials of a “progressive” party. In some Internet forums this is passionately praised as the order of economic exchange in the golden future (in the golden future). – See devaluation, barrat, depretiation, forced exchange economy, money, evil, money abolition, money functions, money rule, money purpose, coin, mutualism, paradoxomania, fading money, infertility theory.

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