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Coinage clerk

In earlier times, a clerk who was entrusted with the conversion of the hard money given by domestic and foreign customers for payment. – It is reported from Amsterdam around 1720 that a coinage clerk had to know and evaluate about a hundred coins circulating worldwide. This was only partially helped by so-called Resolvier tables (Resolvierungs-Tafeln; comparsion charts), namely comparative lists, in which the value of the respective coins was recorded, also called Münztarif-Verzeichnis. Often, the value ratio of the coins to each other changed during the printing of the resolving tables. In addition, the mint commis was also responsible for detecting and eliminating counterfeit coins. – See Aftergeld, Hartgeld, Kassenfuss, Münzfuss, Münzverträge, Rechenknecht, Wipper.

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