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Coin in the older language often also numisma and kerma (hard money, coin, specie; mint)

Generally and colloquially, any – minted or cast piece of metal – in round or square form – bearing an inscription and an indication of value, – without regard to its present use as a means of payment, capital investment, collector’s item or mere antiquity (antiquity: an object remaining from ancient times). – As a means of payment now valid and therefore with acceptance obligation equipped, usually rounded metal piece (coined money; hard money). – Place where coins and medals are minted. – The distinction between coin and medal is not clear. Often all under contained – later remanufactured pieces – newly minted specimens without legal tender property as well as – the only as an investment object demanded pieces, however purely theoretically with payment property provided – for example: Gold Dollar, Vreneli – are referred to as medals. – According to EU law, imitations of coins that have been withdrawn from circulation or have otherwise become invalid as means of payment must be clearly recognizable. In case of counterfeiting, the coin may be confiscated as a suspect counterfeit. In addition, the issuer or circulator may be subject to criminal proceedings. – See wear, alliage, bullion coin, compulsory acceptance, argent, aushing money, eject money, obverse, cash, validation, billonnage, bimetallism, demonetization, think money, iron money, eteostichon, minting error, secret money, money, evil, money, heavy, money stone, squeezed, Gold scale, Gresham’s law, Halling, Heller, Imperial, Infrangibility, Emperor coin, Cat money, Kipper, Koala, Cruiser, Kurant coin, Legend, Medal, Missile, Coin paradox, Coin care, Coin shelf, Coin striking, Nazarin, Noble, Numismatics, Numismatography,
Packing effect, parchment, passing weight, permissgeld, pezzi, proof coin, quaadschilling, knurling, real money, remedium, lapel, Scheidemünze, spores Raffel,
Subferrates, clearing coin, wipper, zechine, cisalia. – Cf. Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank of June 2009, p. 62 (determinants of demand for coins), Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank of January 2013, p. 29 et seq. (general and special circumstances of coin circulation in the EMU: overviews; references).

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