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Hussite contribution (Hussitegeld)

A tax (war tax; war tax, hostilitium) payable throughout the German Empire of the time in accordance with the War Tax Act of December 2, 1427, to oppose the Hussites. The Hussites were an originally religious reform movement named after John Hus [1369-1415], out of which formed a Czech army of attackers proceeding with ruthless violence hitherto unknown. – The Hussite Wars (1419-1436) set back economic development in many areas of Germany by more than a century. For the Hussites not only burned down buildings and churches. They also blindly and ruthlessly destroyed all infrastructure facilities, such as wells, footbridges, crossings, bridges, as well as water protection facilities such as weirs, dams, barrages and sluices. – See Brandschatzgeld, Dänengeld, Defensionergeld, Freikaufgeld, Friedensgeld, Heeresgeld, Infrastruktur, Kriegsanleihe, Ranzion, Satisfaktionsgeld, Superindukt, Tribut, Türkengeld.

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