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Fire payment; heating allowance; inceneration premium

A levy for fire insurance. Around 1750, a state and officially organized compulsory insurance (statutory insurance) against fire damage was introduced in many German regions in order to stop the impoverishment (pauperization) of entire villages and towns caused by fires. – The – in earlier times, money collected from fellow citizens or – the amount paid out by the insurance company to a fire victim. – Payment for assistance in extinguishing a fire, made by – the injured party, – the municipality, or – the insurance company, and formerly usually earmarked for fire protection facilities, such as the creation of fire protection ponds, procurement of syringes, fireengines, pumps, and fire hoses. – Payment that parents of school-age children used to have to pay, in addition to school fees, to heat the municipal school buildings. – Former levy in some communities to heat the teacher’s dwelling, which was cold because it was not usually connected to a cattle shed that warmed the house. – Formerly a levy on every house with a fireplace; Herdgeld. – Another name for the Leuchtturmgeld. – Allowance from the employer to employees so that they can buy fuel (heating material) for their private household. – Premium paid by some cities today to morticians for each body delivered for cremation (incineration). The purpose of this is to keep burial areas in the cemetery as small as possible, i.e. to avoid possible extensions or to utilize the crematory to full capacity.

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