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Depository, depot, vault

Place where money and valuable objects are stored; in particular, a safe deposit box, also referred to as a depository in older documents; see Arts. 688 et seq. BGB (a secure room or rooms in a financial institution where cash on hand is stored and safe deposit boxes are located). – The securities account managed by a bank for a customer, sometimes also referring to the accounts as a whole. In Germany, at the beginning of 2013, there were around thirty-four million securities accounts – Department of a bank that is concerned with the safekeeping of objects in general and of securities in particular. – Another term for portfolio. – Also, especially in Swiss German and with emphasis on the first syllable, – the deposit on reusable packages (reusable packages) and – the co-deposit (rent deposit). – See Aberdepot, cash, vaulted, custodian, custodian business, deposit law, custodian, safekeeping, central securities depository, intermediate safekeeping. – Cf. Monthly Report of the Deutsche Bundesbank of August 1995, pp. 57 ff. (Custody account holdings in Germany; overview).

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