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Deposit money (repurchase operation; fixed-date time deposit; pledge; advance payment; private expenses fund; buy-in fee; security deposit, rental bond; bail)

In older documents, the sum borrowed from a bank (or, less frequently, from the central bank on the part of a bank) against the provision of collateral; in today’s terminology, a repurchase agreement. – Money deposited with an institution for a contractually fixed period at an agreed interest rate; time deposit (a contract entered into by a bank with the depositor, to pay on a fixed future date, the amount of money deposited plus interest accrued thereon). – Sum to be deposited in advance if a public facility, such as a community hall, schoolroom, sports field, fairground, swimming hall, etc., is leased from a private organizer (a pawn as a deposit of money to a public sector entity to secure repayment for probable demolition or other costs resulting from the letting of the facility); a pledge; in this sense common especially in Swiss German. – A sum administered in trust which residents of old people’s homes hand over to the home’s management in advance at certain intervals in order to pay for current expenses for medicines, foot care, hygiene articles, hairdressing, etc.; in this sense, a common term, especially in Austria. – In residential schools (of Austria), an amount to be paid at regular intervals for expenses of the pupils not included in the ordinary services of the home; pocket money. – Sum to be paid in order to buy into a home for the elderly; in this sense common especially in Swiss German – A security deposit in money demanded by the landlord in the case of a rental contract; Kaution (money to be paid as a form of security for the landlord against breaches of the tenant: a rental bond). – Sum to be paid on entering a public facility (such as a swimming pool, gymnasium), which is refunded on leaving if the conditions of use (such as keeping the cubicle clean, handing over the key) have been complied with; deposit, pledge. Used in this sense especially in Swiss German; corresponding municipal bylaws achieved by a very high deposit money that soiling and damage to property in the respective facility decreased as good as completely. – See Einkaufgeld.

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