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A claim or demand for payment of money. – Call option: the buyer of a call acquires the right but not the obligation to buy a specified amount of an underlying at a specified price within a specified time (an option contract giving the owner the right but not the obligation to buy a specified amount of an underlying at a specified price within a specified time). – A demand for redeemable financial instruments to be presented to the issuer for repayment prior to its maturity; this feature is often used in the case of bonds when interest rates fall, so that the bonds can be repurchased and a new, lower-rate issue sold. Corresponding provisions entitling the issuer to repayment or exchange for another security are usually included in the issue prospectus. – Call on a borrower to repay the entire loan balance – principal plus interest plus other charges, if any – where a default has occurred or is deemed imminent. The loan agreements provide for such a call as standard. – A telephone call to a (potential) customer, a telephone month. – Additional payment request, namely the request by a corporation to its shareholders to pay a certain amount in cash per share (the demand by a corporation that a shareholder pay an assessment on shares already owned). Under German law, such an obligation to make additional contributions is excluded for shareholders; for other legal forms, an obligation to make additional contributions may be established by law or by the Articles of Association (bylaws). – The period of time before market opening and after market closing in futures trading on exchanges (the period of time between the opening and closing of some future markets, an important time in which to match and execute a large number of orders before opening and closing). – In insurance, the personal visit of an employee (insurance agent, who also has the power to conclude contracts: underwriting agent) to a (potential) customer (client). – Duty to be available at the workplace even after normal working hours on special occasions (period of time after an entire day’s work when one has to remain on the job), such as when advising important clients after business hours or when obtaining documents for the supervisory authority officials present at the bank. – See cold calling, canvassing, derivative, initial rate default clause, event of default, holder, cold call, long call, margin call, option, put, commodity futures contract, repayment, early, short call, strip, straddle.

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