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Blame game (also used in German; more rarely blame = here

to place the responsibility for a calamity on others; game = here: object of attack; hunting game): Term that entered financial language in the wake of the 2009 Greek crisis. The term denotes the fact that the governments and the public in the almost bankrupt EMU states are looking to those who are now helping them, especially Germany as the main financier, to take the blame for their adverse situation. The fact that expenditures were blithely inflated far beyond revenues for years, and that international competitiveness was lost as a result, is now no longer acknowledged. – See devaluation, fiscal, automatic adjustment, bail-out, banking union, balance sheet adjustment, risk sharing, bank resolution facility, Europayer, EMU explosive, exit, hegemon, mild, moral hazard, Plan C, policy clamp, policy delay, return ideology, debt drug, solidarity, financial, blocked account, stability and growth pact, fundamental error, public debt repatriation, statistics authority, structural reforms, transfer union, redistribution, central bank-influenced, wealth tax, treaty compliance, forced expropriation.

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