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Biofuels and sometimes also biofuel (green fuel)

Substitutes for petroleum products produced mostly from plants – and more rarely from animal waste. – The increasing production of biodiesel from oleaginous plants in particular, which is constantly being refined, is causing prices for oilseeds and oils to rise worldwide. This is reflected in the Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices. – The level of greenhouse gas emissions from the various biofuels varies widely. For example, ethanol from sugarcane (sugarcane ethanol) in Brazil produces almost ninety percent less greenhouse gas than ethanol from corn (corn-based ethanol) in the USA. Therefore, there are calls to include emissions costs into the prices of all fuels, including petroleum, through appropriate government legislation. – See agricultural policy, cash crop, petroleum price, inflation, inflation, global, inflation compensation, climate inflation, carbon dioxide inflation, wage-price spiral, oil price, oil price shocks, petrodollar, Pigou tax, protein inflation, commodity prices, shocks, structural, electricity price, second-round effects. – See Deutsche Bundesbank Monthly Report of August 2007, p. 15 (highs for related world market prices), ECB Monthly Report of June 2008, p. 10 ff. (production of biofuels drives up food prices), ECB Monthly Report of October 2013, p. 70 f. (fiscal aspects of consumer fuel prices; overview).

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