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Badwill (negative goodwill)

The disadvantageous effect, restricting business transactions, which emanates above all from – a company name, such as: Bankhaus Stehle, – a product name, such as: Ausfallzertifikat, – a country of origin; in the broad teutonic public largely against banks of Switzerland, which are assessed as concealers and collaborators for German tax evaders (by the way: in a representative survey among German households carried out in 2013 only sixteen percent (!!) of those questioned knew the name of the Swiss capital [= Berne]; about sixty percent assumed it is Zurich), or – immoral behavior; for example, the German ErgoVersicherung, with the approval of the management, sent so-called “high-performing employees” on the company’s account to whorehouses in Budapest in 2007 and to sex trips to Mallorca and to faraway Jamaica in 2012. This earned the company the popular name “puff insurance.” – See Gnomes of Zurich, Goodwill, Helvetophobia, Incentive Travel, Cannibalism Effect, Country Credit Rating Scale, One Bank Strategy, Risk, Strategic, Spill-over Effect, Interest Island.

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