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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Merk, Dipl.rer.pol., Dipl.rer.oec.

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Awareness of the importance of money

As a rule, a person’s realistic attitude toward money is gained only through experience. – Someone becomes generally acquainted with the importance and weight of the money by the fact that he must offer work achievement on the market and receives for it payment in money in the receipt, money “earns”. As the psychology of money teaches, children, young people, those born rich, as well as permanent welfare recipients – “almsmen” in the old jargon of social policy – often lack money consciousness. Educators therefore advocate that young people earn their own pocket money, i.e., “jobben” (do temporary work: temporarily perform a job for the purpose of earning money), and that welfare recipients should, if possible, be required to do community-based service for a few hours, perhaps with additional pay. – See poor money, chremagogy, chremaphobia, chrematonomy, money ethics, money hete, money arithmetic, money cut, money purpose, incontinence, financial, unbanked.

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