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Expropriation, silent expropriation

In general, the (partial) loss of an asset not as a result of price changes in the market, but as a result of government intervention, and here again primarily through very high taxation (confiscatory taxation) on the asset in question. – In particular also said in relation to the policy of the ECB in the course of the sovereign debt crisis. Very low interest rates were supposed to help the over-indebted members of the EMU to improve their competitiveness. This led to the fact that savers also in Germany had to do without interest on their account at the bank, and these had to pay with it unasked the dubious aid (ambiguous aid: because the cheap money created by the ECB leads according to experience also in Europe – as before already in Japan and the USA – to the fact that debts are not reduced and now the necessary structural reforms are put on the long bank) for the debtor states. In addition, the saved capital of life policy holders and savers was gnawed away. – See fear, perverse, presumption, central banking, bailouts, central banking, bail-out, balance sheet adjustment, blame game, blood toll, diet yield, euro bonds, euro crisis, European Monetary Union, fundamental error, contingent liability, EMU blow-up, ECB balance sheet, ECB fall from grace, financial sodomite, financial stability, gold sacrifice, Grexit, peer pressure, fiscal consolidation, Kaldor Hicks criterion, kindergarten argument, crisis, central bank-induced, lie-and-deceive thesis, neuro, zero interest rate policy, policy clamp, policy delay, repatriation effect, repression, financial, debt drug, solidarity, financial, sovereign debt pressure, Stability and Growth Pact, fundamental error, governance framework, transfer union, treaty compliance, forced expropriation.

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