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Creditworthiness of the state

The confidence of investors that a state will service the bonds it has issued and thus the ability to place further corresponding securities on the market. If this confidence is lost, the government’s securities are removed from investors’ portfolios and the price of such securities falls. – In the spring of 2010, confidence in highly indebted Greece, which for years had been presenting the public with falsified figures on basic economic data, dwindled. Greek government bonds denominated in EUR were also under very strong selling pressure. They had to be rescued from total slippage by ECB purchases. – See purchases, central bank, ECB fall from grace, money multiplication, monetary union-internal, Greek crisis, sovereign debt, southern front, effects. – Cf. ECB Monthly Bulletin, June 2010, pp. 38 ff. (drop in bonds of Greece and other highly indebted euro area states).

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